about us

I created Publish My LLC because of my personal experience with the New York State publication requirement. As a CPA, I have a lot of experience forming all types of business entities; Sole Proprietorships, Partnership, Corporations and S-Corporations. When my mother came to me looking for help in forming her LLC, I was more than happy to help. Forming the LLC was a breeze, but when it came to the publication requirement things quickly went from easy to a headache. After hours of research, phone calls with the Department of State, haggling with newspapers, and getting all the paperwork in order, I finally got it done. Out of all of the headaches and frustration I saw an opportunity to help other business owners complete the publication requirement. I’m happy that we are able to simplify an overly complicated and archaic process, quickly, and typically at a lower cost then if completed individually.

Adam Zacharski

-Founder and President