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Our detailed guide offers step-by-step instructions to help you complete the NYS LLC publishing requirement.

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Precise Instructions

Our detailed DIY Guide offers step-by-step guidance through the process of completing the NYS LLC publishing requirement


Contact Information

We provide a list of newspapers that must be engaged and their contact information

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Sample Content

We provide concise sample text for legal notices to minimize your printing costs and save you time

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We indicate which state forms to file and how to complete them

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With our detailed DIY Guide, you can confidently tackle the arduous task of publishing your LLC

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Complete the NYS LLC Publishing Requirement

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about the guide

This guide is a representation of our process of satisfying the NY State Publishing Requirement. We have followed this process since 2011 and have successfully received Certificates of Publications on behalf of thousands of clients.

We created a very clear and easy to follow guide summarizing each step of the NY State LLC Publishing Requirement. Additionally, we break down the specifics and details eliminating any ambiguity, making the next steps very clear. The only required information is that of the LLC itself, which is free and easily accessible through the Department of Corporations website(we even provide you a link to that web page)

The cost or price of the guide only covers the guide itself, none of the additional fees required to satisfy the NY State LLC Publishing Requirement are included. We do provide an all expense included LLC Publishing Services where you just provide us your LLC name and we do all the rest.

  • We provide a high level overview of the NYS LLC Publishing Requirement, breaking out each step of the process in the order they must be completed.
  • We specify what information you need to gather about your LLC from the NY State databases.
  • We detail what needs to be included in the legal notice and provide a sample of our most cost effective legal notice.
  • Each county has a list of designated newspapers, we provide the newspapers we use throughout all 62 NY State counties, we even include their contact information.
  • We detail what we fill out and file with the State when applying for the Certificate of Publication.
  • We provide you a tracker where you can document your progress and take notes along the way.

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